Eclipse Information

Aug. 21 - First Day of School - The first day of school is always an exciting time and the excitement of the first day will be increased with the Eclipse event. We are organizing a very busy day for students. Please see the following information.

A SIGNED PERMISSION SLIP IS REQUIRED FOR YOUR STUDENT TO BE ALLOWED OUTSIDE TO VIEW THE ECLIPSE.  Please click here to print the form.  It needs to be returned to the school signed by the parent. The school has purchased viewing glasses for every student.

Events are still being planned by individual teachers and the administration, however a general schedule for August 21 is as follows:

Elementary morning:

At the start of the day, Grades K-5 will go to their classrooms as usual on the first day of school.  An assembly for the elementary will be at 9:30 in the gym. Individual teachers will take their students outside at different times throughout the morning to see the different stages of the eclipse once it starts.

Secondary morning:

At 8:12, Grades 6-12 will meet in the gym for an Opening Back-to-School Assembly.  During the assembly, there will be a presentation on the eclipse.  Grades 6-12 1st-4th hour classes will run on a normal schedule with some possible 5-minute viewing trips outside once the eclipse starts.  Students that normally go to Nichols Career Center will NOT be going to Jefferson City due concerns over traffic in the Capitol City.

All school afternoon:

As the full eclipse is set for around 1:12, the entire school will meet on the ball field from 12:45 to 1:30.  Family members are invited to join the students at the ball field at this time.  If you are a non-student and plan to attend, please bring your own viewing glasses.  Please feel free to bring a lawn chair and/or a blanket.

At 1:30, the students will all return to their normally scheduled classes.