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FBLA District Leadership Conference
February 2, 2018
FBLA Contest
Pictured from left to right: Valerianna Gentzsch, William Lieser, Ben Imhoff, Samantha Nivens, Clark Rohrbach and Ian Sumner.
Not pictured: Evan Croy, Trenton Barbour, Bret Goff and Emily Strein
Photo courtesy of Mrs. Austen Malley 
On February 2, 2018, the FBLA students attended the District Leadership Conference at Moberly Area Community College.  The students participated in a variety of business-oriented contests to test the skills they have been learning in their business classes.  
With their outstanding performance at Districts, 
the following students advance to the State FBLA Contest
Clark Rohrback (5th, Accounting I); 
Trenton Barbour (5th, Agribusiness); 
Evan Croy (1st in Business Law); 
Ian Sumner (4th, Intro to Business Procedures); 
William Lieser (1st, Intro to Financial Math); 
Emily Strein (5th, Networking Concepts).  
The following students qualified as alternates to the state contests
Samantha Nivens (3rd, Computer Applications); 
Ian Sumner, (6th, Intro to Business); 
Evan Croy (6th, Cyber Security).  
The following students placed in the top 10
Bret Goff (10th, Economics); 
Samantha Nivens (7th, Job Interview); 
William Lieser (8th, Personal Finance);
William Lieser, Ian Sumner and Clark Rohrbach 
(7th, Entrepreneurship Team);
Trenton Barbour, Ben Imhoff and Valerianna Gentzsch
(5th, Management Decision Making Team)